Erlanger Chart Room is an extraordinary step forward as a stock market charting and analytic research platform. Based on the "Squeeze Play" research of Phil Erlanger, Erlanger Chart Room provides daily screens, charts, unique data series like short interest ratios, stock specific option ratios, stock specific seasonal patterns, a host of group and sector indicators, pairs trading anaysis, advanced technical indicators, ETF analytics and more - the information traders and investors need to make money in the stock market!


What Is A Squeeze Play?
You've seen it a thousand times. A crowd of short sellers suddenly covering in a panic and sending the market soaring. Or a herd of bulls suddenly stampeding for the exits and pushing the market over a cliff
What Is Seasonality?
In general, seasonality is some repeatable tendency for a financial instrument to move relative to some influencing factor. That factor could be the time of year, the year of a decade, changes in ...
What Is a Squeezeometer?
A core function of our program centers on the concept of advance phases and decline phases. Whether we're in a bull or bear market, there is a constant swing from excesses of bullish sentiment to ...
Watch Short Sellers Get Squeezed
Play Put or Call Squeezes
Find Strong or Weak Groups
Squeeze Play screens
Video Tutorials
Seasonal Cycles of each stock
Power Ranking for stocks
Power Ranking for groups
Power Ranking for sectors
Pairs trading anaysis
 ETF analysis
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